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AT Innovate

Based on our success-proven Innovate Methodology we jointly develop the ideal solution for your business goals.


1. Target analysis

In a joint workshop we discuss your business goals to understand your requirements regarding our solutions. In this context we will analyze:

  • Your overall business goals
  • Your customer groups and their respective requirements
  • Your products and services and their unique selling points
  • Your competitors and differentiating factors

Based on these we will define strategic guidelines for the implementation of our solutions.

2. Solution evaluation

In a second step we will present our solution concepts and jointly assess their contribution to your business goals.

  • Presentation of our products and solutions as well as suitable solutions of our cooperation partners tailored to the defined strategic guidelines
  • Discussion and clarification of questions regarding the implementation of the presented solutions
  • Joint estimation of value and effort of the presented concepts

Result of this phase is a value-effort matrix of the discussed solutions.

3. Prioritization and roadmap

Finally we identify those solutions that are worth being implemented.

  • Final scoring of the solutions worked-out
  • Prioritization and definition of an implementation order
  • Definition of project profiles for the selected topics